Military Sexual Assault Lawyer

Since 2012, sexual assault in the military has been highly politicized. Politicians have put immense pressure on the military to obtain sexual assault convictions. To facilitate this, Congress made changes to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to remove certain rights of accused service members. They implemented special programs and positions, and the most experienced attorneys were assigned as special prosecutors. If you are an active service member who has been accused of rape or sexual assault, make no mistake, the deck is stacked against you.  It is imperative that you seek representation from an experienced Honolulu-based military sexual assault lawyer immediately. Our skilled defense attorney has been trying these cases in the military since well before 2012, and is highly experienced with successfully defeating the juggernaut Congress built to destroy you.

Sexual Assault Crimes in the Military

Rape and sexual assault in the military are punishable under Article 120, UCMJ. The lesser-known offenses of aggravated sexual contact and abusive sexual contact are also criminalized by Article 120. These offenses generally involve either  sexual contact or sexual penetration. Rape typically involves sexual penetration by force, extreme fear, or by rendering the other incapacitated. Sexual assault typically involves sexual penetration by: use of fear or fraud, without consent, or while the other is incapacitated or unconscious. The sexual contact offenses mirror rape and sexual assault, but only require sexual contact of certain parts of the body without penetration. Our Honolulu-based attorney could explain sexual assault charges to a military service member who has been accused.

Penalties for Rape and Sexual Assault

The maximum punishment for rape in the military is life in prison. A dishonorable discharge (enlisted) or dismissal (officer) is mandatory for both rape and sexual assault.  Sexual assault is punishable with up to 30 years in prison, while the maximum for aggravated sexual contact is 20 years, and abusive sexual contact is 7 years. All of these offenses require sex offender registration,  can result in forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and reduction to E-1.

The severity of these authorized sentences makes any rape or sexual assault charge extremely serious, and it is highly recommended that any service member facing these types of accusations seek representation by an attorney with the skill and experience that our Honolulu-based attorney has.

Speak with a Honolulu-Based Military Sexual Assault Attorney

If you are an active service member from any part of the world facing a rape or sexual assault charge, you need robust representation as soon as possible. The military will stop at nothing to get a rape or sexual assault conviction. The possibility of your innocence does not matter to them. Pressure to obtain these convictions comes from the highest levels of our government. This is a political issue, so you will not be given a fair chance. Our hard-hitting Honolulu-based military sexual assault lawyer  understands what it takes to fight and win for you. Call our law office today and get in touch with a lawyer who knows how fight for you as fiercely as you have fought for this country.