Military Larceny Lawyer

If you are in the military and have been accused of a serious crime, the consequences could be life-altering. A court-martial conviction could not only have negative impacts to your military career, but there can also be ramifications for your life as a civilian. If you have been accused of theft, a Honolulu-based military larceny lawyer should be your first call.

Because our defense attorney is a former enlisted Marine and Army JAG Officer, he has both the legal and personal experience to effectively handle cases under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Additionally, our team has the knowledge and resources to create the most effective defense based on your charges. You do not want to take on larceny charges alone; we can help you.

How Does the Military Define Larceny?

Article 120, UCMJ basically defines larceny as taking someone else’s property without their authorization, and having no intention of returning it. This is the most basic form of larceny. A simple example is when a person grabs someone’s wallet and does not intend to return it. A more complicated example is intentionally taking money you are not entitled to from the government, such as BAH fraud.

Actual contact with or touching the stolen item does not need to take place. So long as the accused exercises control over the stolen property, they could be charged with larceny.

Penalties for Larceny

Not only is such behavior illegal, but it does not comport with military standards, and those accused of larceny risk both civilian and military repercussions. Article 120, UCMJ authorizes the maximum penalties offenders may receive. These vary depending on the property’s value and whether it was military-owned. Punishments imposed by military courts may include:

  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Incarceration
  • Forfeiture of pay

The consequences of a court martial conviction and punitive discharge include loss of military benefits and a federal conviction that will be discovered with background checks. Contesting theft allegations in military proceedings requires a comprehensive defense strategy – one that considers all aspects of the military case while also contemplating any civilian implications. By working with a respected Honolulu-based military attorney who understands how both systems work, defendants may achieve the best resolution given their unique larceny charges.

Crimes Related to Larceny

Criminal theft charges come in a few varieties, depending on the nature of the crime. In addition to larceny, the UCMJ identify three other main types of theft. These are comparable but not identical crimes.

  • Wrongful appropriation – similar to theft, but the accused intended to return the stolen goods at some point
  • Burglary – breaking into a building or personal property of another to commit larceny,wrongful appropriation, or any other offense
  • Robbery – larceny by force

Whether charged with larceny or one of these related crimes, a robust defense prepared our Honolulu-based lawyer may be necessary to protect the accused’s freedom and military career.

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A larceny charge can follow you through your military career and civilian life. You do not need to fight charges alone; we are here with the knowledge of military law and the criminal justice system to help you reach a fair outcome. Reach out to our Honolulu-based military larceny lawyer for a consultation today. He could explain your charges and your legal options.