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No matter what type of court-martial charges or other adverse action is pursued against you, it could have immense consequences on both your military career and your civilian life. A conviction at court-martial may result in a rank reduction, forfeitures in pay, confinement in military prison, punitive discharge (Bad Conduct Discharge or Dishonorable Discharge), sex offender registration (depending on the offense), and a criminal record. Even an Article 15 (NJP) could result in rank reduction, leave a blemish on your service record, and lead to administrative separation with a General or Other Than Honorable discharge.

As a prior Marine Infantry Rifleman, David S. Hendrickson, knows what it is like to live as an enlisted servicemember and to lead as a Noncommissioned Officer – to include battle tested leadership in combat. Mr. Hendrickson used his skills with tactics and strategy in the courtroom as a Judge Advocate in the Army with great success. As a civilian, he fights every case he takes on with the same dedication and tenacity that he learned during his time serving our country. If you are facing a court-martial or adverse action of any kind in the Armed Forces – or even if you are only under investigation – retaining a skilled military criminal defense lawyer like David S. Hendrickson who helps service members worldwide, could make all the difference in how your case ultimately ends.

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Types of Courts-Martial

Every member of the United States Armed Forces is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which covers offenses similar to civilian crimes and offenses that are unique to the military. Just like civilians accused of criminal offenses, military servicemembers accused of violating the UCMJ have Constitutional and procedural rights that cannot be infringed upon, which include the right to remain silent, the right to a fair trial, and the right to legal counsel. Our lawyers in Honolulu help protect military servicemembers’ rights across the world by building vigorous defenses for those who stand accused of criminal offenses.

Depending on the severity of the alleged offense and recommendations from the chain of command, servicemembers may be subject to different levels of courts-martial. Minor violations may result in Article 15 Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP), which allows a commander to punish a servicemember without a court-martial. However, a servicemember can refuse an Article 15 and demand trial by court martial instead. The lowest level of court martial is a Summary Court Martial. Like an Article 15, punishment at Summary Court Martial is limited, and a finding of guilt does not result in a criminal record. A servicemember can also refuse a Summary Court Martial. Refusing an Article 15 or Summary Court Martial will likely result with being tried at a higher-level court martial.

Special Courts-Martial are for offenses that would generally be categorized as misdemeanors for civilians, and General Courts-Martial are for the equivalent of civilian felonies. A conviction at either of these courts result in a criminal record, and the risk for severe punishment is extremely high. The attorneys at our law firm in Honolulu could build a defense for any military servicemember across the world who is facing any type of court-martial.

Adverse Administrative Action

Adverse administrative action can come in many forms, to include relief, re-assignment, bar to re-enlistment, reprimand, and administrative separation. The most common are administrative separations and letters of reprimand. Both have the obvious potential to end a military career. For example, if a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) is filed permanently in a Soldier’s service record, it could prevent promotion and likely lead to administrative separation with a General or Other than Honorable Discharge. A skilled defense lawyer like David S. Hendrickson, could make all the difference in preserving the reputation and military career of any servicemember who is facing criminal charges worldwide.

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I hired Dave when I was falsely accused of a sexual assault crime that I did not commit within my command we immediately got to work. And he walk me through every step of the way. Dave answered all my questions and was a good lawyer. I am glad I had him on my side we didn’t even step foot in the Court. The investigation came back unfounded which I didn’t have a doubt since the allegations were so bogus. But now I can get to go back to work with my honor and Dignity back and head held up high. To complete my 24years and retire. I would recommend Dave. He actually cares and takes the time to talk to you and understands how people can use these military programs as a weapon instead of actual victims using it for help.
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Dave tirelessly fights for all of the clients that he represents. His grasp of case law and rules of evidence is impeccable and it clearly shines through in his uncanny degree of persuasiveness in front of judges & juries. Working together with Dave as a trial consultant, it is easy to see how he expertly navigates and leads his defense teams with a laser focus on just one thing.....getting the best possible result for his client. Furthermore, Dave has a very easy-going and professional manner of handling himself, which results in the production of highly effective and productive collaborative professional working relationships. I HIGHLY recommend Dave Hendrickson without a single reservation when it comes to military criminal defense!
- Dr. Gabriel
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The amount of work they put in for me was worth every penny. 100 percent recommend
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I worked with Mr. Hendrickson on a UCMJ matter... Mr. Hendrickson worked diligently and expeditiously to piece together the defense and I feel that it got knocked out of the park.
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Absolutely amazing I was very upset as I got criminal citation for just walking on beach was able to get case dismissed.
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